Thursday, July 1, 2010

The New Material Girl Line by Madonna and her Daughter

I am very excited for this line to be coming out on Aug 3rd in Macy's department stores.My review so far is that it is going to be fabulous for sure :) . Here are my reasons to check out "Material Girls" fashion line in no particular order,

1.These hip clothes will be affordable for everyone, it has been said that the price ranges from $12-$40.00. Who can resist that.

2.The line was created by both Madonna and her younger daughter Lourdes, which means it will have a mix of sophistication and a young high fashion feel to it.Lourdes had a say in everything actually more than Madonna did,it was Lourdes own little business Madonna has said around town.

3.The look of the line will have a blend of Madonna trends throughout her whole career, it was really inspired by the 80's time of her career( which are her favorite songs of mine, "Borderline and "Like a Virgin" still playing on my iPod as we speak). It will have a lot of pearls,studs,patterns,leather,cut offs,tight bust areas,leggings and more. These clothes were made to be worn in layers, it can easily be worn from summer into the winter months.

4.Lourdes decided to create this line because ever since she was little, she has been looking through her fashionable moms closet stealing her new Louie Vuittions,or dresses in her clothes just for school. This girl is only 14 and knows what good fashion is then I am willing to check it out.

5. The Material Girl line makes you feel like a superstar and high fashion without even trying,so check out this line and dress the way you want.Or go in your own closet and try clothes on together that you do not think would usually go together, you could be creating a new trend :)

Here are a few pieces of the new line


  1. why should she have a fashion line at 14? it's only because of her mother. she's not even worked for anything she does!


  2. I totally understand where you are coming from because it is not fair because everyday people have to work for that, but on the other hand i also feel that it gives younger girls a feeling that they can accomplish anything they want to do as well, and the clothes are very affordable and cute for everyday people shopping :)