Friday, July 30, 2010

..I Wanna Be Like You..Someone Like Me..

For some reason my favorite actresses that I adore and find stunning ,have the same characteristics and look like me a lot.A lot pf people tell me I look like them ,which makes me like them more. Here are a few of my favorites who I look like...
#1 Look Alike-Lucy Hale :) Luv Her
Mila Kunis
Elizabeth Gillies
Demi Lovato
Jessica Stroup

All them girls are my favorites and Gorgeous x's a Million and I look like them ! Who do you look like ?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan...

...welcome to the land of fame excess,
am I gonna fit in?
Jumped in the cab,
Here I am for the first time
Look to the right and I see the Hollywood sign
This is all so crazyEverybody seems so famous
Ever since I was little I have always felt as if I should be famous,I was in commercials,pageants,movies(one with Chad Lowe)and more.You know when you meet someone and say they could so totally be famous..that is me!
I LOVE CALI! It is the place where dreams happen(besides NEW YORK OF COURSE) and I will get there one day and make my mark there.So if anyone knows
anyone in the biz,Holla! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't Wanna Dance If Its Not In My Heart..

Most girls want a man with the bling bling
Got my own thing, got the ching ching
I just want real love
Most girls want a man with the mean green
Don't wanna dance if he can't be
Everything that I dream of
A man that understands real love

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh How I Luv You Online Shopping...

My day was full of online shopping and I decided to share with you ,my purchases :) .
Jump Junior's Ikat Dull Charm Ruffle Front Halter DressVigoss Junior's Baseball Collar Bomber
ALO Women's Micro Fleece 1/4 Zip PulloverFleurish Junior's Sequin Tank
  • The colorful dress is perfect for a graduation party I have on Saturday, that is stunning just to look at.I cant wait for it to arrive. I am going to pair it with my new ankle booties or flat boots if I have time to go out and buy some.
  • The black bomber jacket will go with my dress for when it gets cooler at night time.and this jacket is an essential to have in any collection. You can wear it with anything.
  • My new ALO micro fleece is perfect for the cooler nights,and getting ready for the Fall and Winter.
  • And my sequined shirt/dress I can wear it in so many different ways.Nights out getting dinner with heels and it wear it as a mini dress, or throw on some pattern leggings or skinnys with a scarf and fedora and you can rock out casual style.
and my last purchase I made was I decided to buy something for my boyfriend and surprise him.So I found this "Young and Reckless" Tshirt by Drama from Fantasy Factory and Rob & Big. It'll look sexy on my man and its our favorite show to watch together.:)
YOUNG & RECKLESS Slash Mens T-Shirt

Whoever thought of online shopping was a genius I must say and you can find so much more deals online.:) Happy Shopping!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Get Crazy Get Wild Jersey Shore Style....

Jersey Shore season 2 is starting up soon so I figured it would only be right to talk a little about it and how I am going to spread the Jersey Shore Luv!

First off I was one of them people like "why you watching that show & I would never watch it" but then one day I got hooked and I never looked back since.I am a Jersey Shore Junkie!

My Top Ten Reasons I am watching Jersey Shore Season 2!
1. I have to 100% rep because Pauly D. is from Rhode Island where I am from and he lives like 5 minutes away from me & everyone in my town like knows him. For instance he actually used to go shopping at the same shops where my sister does & used to chat & one night he was djing at a club she was bar-tending at & he asked for her number but she turned him down because he was not a good dj lmao
2.Snooki is the funniest person on television right now,and she doesn't care what people think of, she will act like a nut and have a blast.She would be a great person to party with!
4.Angela returns to this season,which is weird bc shes a B****. lol
5.I wanna see if Ronnie & Sammy get back together and stay again for once.
6.Vinny totally reminds me of my boyfriend!
7.The whole cast reminds me of the city I was raised and live in.
8.There is going to be so much more hookups,fights and funny moments! Sammy & J-wow get in a fight.The SITUATION will probably be an idiot like always and fight with everyone again!
9.Everyone in my state is having a Jersey Shore premiere night and dress up Jersey Shore style! haha
10.They dont have the DUCK PHONE ANYMORE! so how they will know if any gorillas or crazy stalker girls be calling them.
To celebrate Jersey Shore Phenomenon for Halloween I am going to be SNOOKI, I am going to have the poof(even though she retired it),be orange ,wear crazy club clothes and heels and my boyfriend is going to be THE SITUATION OR PAULY D & I am going to paint crazy abs on him and Gotti his hair up and we will FIST PUMP ALL NIGHT!

Monday, July 19, 2010

World's spinning 'round. There's no sign of slowing down. So won't you take a breath?

Giveaway Winner is #3-Kelsey Kim said...The brownie truffle bites! yumm!
and since we are nice we gave everyone that entered 5.00 gift card as well,so if you did not enter you should of lol

We are on our second week of finishing our orders of A MILLION OREO POPS! okay maybe not a million but we have been doing a lot of them.

The past weekend My boyfriend,his family and I went to a big fair where I got to feed llamas,ride crazy roller coasters,eat a 2 pd burrito and seen the VILLAGE PEOPLE perform(I will be posting video and pictures in a bit).
and I have been trying to figure out what I should do with my hair right now,I get every bored with my hair.I have done every color,style and more.The style I have right now is the Jessica Stroup haircut,and before I had that I had long wavy hair,so I am willing to do anything to my hair. I was thinking maybe bangs in front or a perm! Idk Help!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine So won't you fly with me?

I dont care what anyone says I am a JONAS BROTHERS fan lol :) ,my boyfriend even makes fun of me because I such a fan.There music is so good, it just makes you feel so good,makes you dance and sing and Nick Jonas voice is aaaaaaaaaa-amazing.Nick is my favorite,when he sings I think every girl faints lol.They have such talent . I decided to share one of my favorite songs with you
If time was still the sun would never, never find us
We could light up the sky tonight
I would see the world through your eyes
And leave it all behind

If it's you for me forever
If it's you and me right now
That'd be alright, be alright

We're chasing stars to lose our shadow
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly with me?
Oh yeah, gonna fly with me now

Now the past is come alive
And given meaning and a reason
To give all I can
To believe once again

If it's you for me forever
If it's you and me right now
That'd be alright, be alright

We're chasing stars to lose our shadow
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly with me?

Maybe you were just afraid
Knowing you were miles away
From the place where you needed to be
And that's right here with me

It's you and me forever
You and me right now
That'd be alright

We're chasing stars to lose our shadow
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly with me?

If it's you for me forever
If it's you and me right now
I'd be alright, be alright

We're chasing stars to lose our shadow
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly, fly, fly with me?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

GiveAway Time!!!!

Smores Cups
Hey everyone..It is my first giveaway on my blog and I hope you guys are excited . I am giving 1 lucky reader $10.00 gift card to my site. If there are a lot of entries I might have 2 winners! :)

FriendlyCreationss is my yummy business where you will find gourmet desserts,party favors,chocolates,candies, and more for everyones needs( vegan,nonvegan,gluten free,sugar free)

How to Enter:
1 entry-Let me know what your favorite item is in my shop.
1 entry-follow my blog
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5 entrys-If you buy an item from us
1 entry-if you twitter about us,our giveaway or one of your favorite items from us,( send us your twitter name)
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have each entry submitted separately :)

This giveaway will end on Monday! Hurry Now :)
6 Build Your Own Large Gourmet Vegan or NonVegan Chocolate Cups By FriendlyCreationss on Etsy

Monday, July 12, 2010 shoesss

oh how i love shoes,there is something about them that just makes me so happy.I adore them in different shapes,colors and style.I am obsessed with ankle booties right now a lot alot.This weekend,I went shoe overboard.I went out shopping with my boyfriend to a big outlet mall with every store that you can think of American Apparel,Coach,Burberry,Juicy Couture,Aldo and more.It was like heaven for me. For some reason though I could not find ankle booties that I wanted,until I went to one last store..I found these adorable shoes in black not brown, and to my surprise they were on sale for $10.00 originally 60.00. and I was very happy.

but then I went home and was still not satisfied with my shopping experience and wanted my ankle booties still,so I went online and found these adorable shoes from Makemechic on amazon for 24.00 and 10.99 shipping! They have the cutest shoes on their website as well,so cute someone will a shoe problem might pass out.. CHECK OUT THEIR SITE.. MAKEMECHIC.COM
Beat38 Ruffle Back Ankle Bootie BLACKBeat38 Ruffle Back Ankle Bootie BLACK

OMG! I cannot wait till they arrive ,they should be arriving between July 15th-20th ,I would be so happy if they arrived tomorrow.They are so cute! :) so when they arrive I will be posting me opening them up :)


Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Fashion Icons

These are my celebrity fashion icons, they represent my style :) ..
Lea Michele ! Stunning
Actress Lea Michele arrives at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards held at Gibson Amphitheatre on August 9, 2009 in Universal City, California.Actress Lea Michele poses during The Glee Cheerleaders exclusive performance at Fox's Upfront presentation at New York City Center on May 18, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Fox) *** Local Caption *** Lea Michele
Jessica Stroup-Very Edgy,trendy
Leighton Meester-she is always keeping up with the new styles and designers
If you havnt noticed, I am obsessed with dresses and skirts.I barely wear jeans,and i do not own a pair of sneakers either,I am constantly in dressy clothes.Thats me! Give me an event and itll give me a reason to dress up :) And another reason I am drawn to these people is because we share the same characteristics and look alike and I know I will look good in what there wearing !

Friday, July 9, 2010

2nd Day to Get An Outfit for $50.00 or Less

I was thinking earlier about what if you were eating breakfast and you immediately got a phone call from your boss,your boyfriend,or even your family telling you that you have to be somewhere really important for lunch time or dinner time and you need to look very good.But then you notice all your laundry is dirty,your have no time to wash your clothes and your house/apartment is not located next to any great clothing stores besides Walmart. Well I figured that today I would continue to make an outfit for 50.00 but this time at walmart and it needs to look very fashionable like you went to one of your favorite clothing stores.

Lets start with a Daytime Look that will blow everyone away,lets say for this occasion you are meeting with a very important client for your job/business (they will definitely think you are worth working with)
Norma Kamali - Women's Tie-Dye LeggingsNorma Kamali - Women's Organic Cotton Sleeveless Tunic Tee
Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - Women's Studded Gladiator SandalsNorma Kamali - Women's Career Boyfriend Jacket
For the day Look
Tye Dye Leggings(gives an edgy look)-$10.00
Norma Kali womans organic cotton sleeveless tunic tee-$8.00
Norma Kali Black Boyfriend Jacket(this piece is great to have any collection,you can wear it with anything)-$20.00
Miley Cyrus Gladiator Studded Sandals-$6.00
and grab a chunky necklace or a pair of earrings from your own collection to finish it off


Night Look-your boyfriend just called you with last minute tickets to your favorite concert
Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - Juniors Denim Tiered DressMiley Cyrus & Max Azria - Women's Buckle Ankle Boots
Norma Kamali - Women's Batwing Cardigan

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Black Denim Tiered Dress-$16.00
Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Womens Buckle Ankle Boots-$20.00
Norma Kamali Womans Batwing Cardigan-$14.00

This outfit is edgy but very fashionable,the Miley Cyrus collection from walmart has some great cheap pieces that go with the rest of your closet.