Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Busy Busy Busy Bees We Are...

Dozen Fall Spice Cupcakes
Hi everyone :) ,sorry I have not blogged in a while.We have been extremely busy here, working on orders,weddings,baby showers,parties, talking with new brides for yummy treats,coming up with new ideas and spreading our yummy creations around the world.
30 Octopus Oreo Lollipops By FriendlyCreationss on Etsy
This summer has been amazing so far, we have met and worked with so many awesome customers that challenge us with new ideas to come up with and we are always up for a challenge! :D We are so excited for what the fall and winter will come in store for us..there are so many yummy creationss for fall, Halloween,thanksgiving and Christmas that we can not wait to show you guys. We hope you will be so happy with what we are about to bring you soon!
Half a Dozen Pieces of Sushi Candy by FriendlyCreationss on Etsy
We are here to make your next occasion,party,holiday,gifts or a treat for yourself a fun and yummy one and would be honored with working with you! And we will work with any ideas you have,we do not give up unless we and you are satisfied!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shopping Makes the Legs Much Stronger..

The best way to start a weekend is by shopping! I love shopping,I have a shopping problem if you have not noticed.I think its because I am addicted to fashion,everything about fashion makes me so happy..seeing new styles,sketching out new designs,mixing old pieces in your collection with new ones,or simply giving others fashion tips.

Today my lovely boyfriend and I went out on the town,we first went out for lunch at our favorite Japanese spot.They practically know us there,because we always order the same thing,I get vegetarian sushi and he gets chicken.lol. Any who! Then we decided to go shopping at our local mall.

Here is what I got
..Friday shopping
-victoria secret sweat pants -
-2 victoria secret tshirt bras
-forever 21 peacock earrings
-forever 21 stretch blue skirt
-forever 21 black shirt

but my shopping didnt start here..here is other goodies i purchased this week (i told u i have a problem lol )
shopping days
-new red coat -so cute
-aldo black boots
-sephora eye kit
-sephora sponges
-sephora two faced bronzer
-sephora self tanning mouse
-sephora perfume

I think thats all I bought this week..theres probably stuff I forgot.I TOLD U I AM A FASHIONHOLIC! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Fluffer Nutter Cookies n Cream Bark by FriendlyCreationss on Etsy
We are now proud to introduce that we are selling our Cake in a Jar and Gourmet Chocolate Cups by 6 month or 12 month supply. These 6-12 month supply is a great gift for you ,your family,birthdays,holidays,bridal showers,wedding gifts,baby showers and more!
Cake in a Jar for 6 Months by FriendlyCreationss on Etsy
Here is a little info about or Cake in a Jar:
Since we can not ship one of our popular and delicious cakes to you,we figured out a way so everyone around the world will be able to have our cakes in a easier less messy way. :) Each month you or someone else will receive a new cake in a jar flavor. Our cake in a jar are so big and delicious. It will easily feed 2 to 3 people.You will not regret this,each jar is so different in flavors and you will be surprised with each cake.Our recipes are top secret and only our bakers know these recipes.Each month the cake flavor will have a certain theme to it, for example October will be pumpkin pie or pecan pie.
Gourmet Chocolate Cups for a Year by FriendlyCreationss on Etsy
Here is a little info about our Gourmet Chocolate Cups:
Every month you or someone special for 12 months will receive half a dozen gourmet chocolate cups, you will not get the same flavor each time.It is like a surprise but in a yummy way! Our cups usually go with the season or month ,for example for December you may receive a chocolate candy cane mint cup.We use the finest chocolates, ingredients and toppings for each cup.

Check out more Info at our yummy shop FriendlyCreationss.etsy.com

We have also have FriendlyCreationss Sampler Box or FriendlyCreationss Vegan Sampler Box, so you can try a little bit of everything we offer.
Chocolate Dipped Caramel Bites