Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Top Television Show Picks You Should Be Watching Right Now

After seeing that my dvr was almost full today I figured I really need to watch my recording so I can record more shows later this week.There are so many shows out there right now,it seems so hard to pick just one to watch. I know my dvr can only record two shows at once, so I decided to pick my top picks to be watching this Summer.
In no particular order these are my top shows you should be watching right now

1."Pretty Little Liars"-this show is great for girls of all ages . quick analysis -Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets. It has suspense ,makes you think about what is really going,there is drama,gossip,romance and more. "Pretty Little Liars" has great upcoming young actresses such as "Lucy Hale", whom you may have seen before and some old favorites like "Holly Marie Combs" from the cw's "Charmed". This show airs on abc family on tues 8/7 c.
2."Jersey Couture"- this show surrounds the Scali family from New Jersey who owns a dress shop that is full of laughter,fighting,joy and pure "JERSEY-NESS" .I am a new jersey addict now I will admit and if you are not you will adore this show.The family consist of mom,Diane who is so sassy and who will speak her mind and tell you if you look like crap or if your booty looks nice,daughters Kimberley -who has a great family and likes working at the shop and Christina who only works there because the family needs it but would rather be doing something else like finding a man and having her own life.And to complete the family there is son Anthony and dad Sal who also work at the store. This show airs on Oxygen ,Tues at 10.
3."Glee"- you may say the new season doesnt air until fall but HELLO ITS GLEE! they are repeating episodes all summer long from season 1 ,so everyone can catch up who just starting watching this year. This show is full of everything one show should have musicals,romance,drama,comedy,FINN(cory moneith),the great talent from Lea Michele who started her career on broadway with "Spring Awakening",diversity,and more! Glee airs every thursday at 8 on fox.
4."Project Runway"-YES EVERYONE IT COMES BACK JULY 29TH! WATCH IT ON LIFETIMES AT 9 FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF,they added an extra half an hour! :)

There are so many shows to pick from , here are a few others "Losing it with Jillian Micheals","Americas Got Talent","Huge","Degrassi" "Jersey Shore","TOSH.0"and "Jerseylicious".

what are you watching? :)

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