Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oreo Pops

Here are our most popular and creative item that we sell! OREO POPS! They may sound simple to you .."like wow an Oreo on a stick. Well think again people..our Oreo pops are the new and improved version of a sugar cookie pop or regular cookie.Our Oreo pops can be dipped and decorated into anything your imagination will like.

There are 3 different type of Oreo pops we make:
1.-regular pops dipped in chocolate,white chocolate,dark chocolate,vegan chocolate,butterscotch and decorated with any types of candies..toppings and goodies

2.-we take our oreo pops and decorate them in any type of color/s and add striples,zig zags,polka dots,sprinkles,edible art candies,or we can write initials,ages,etc thats a simpler version of our favorite ones to make.

3.-we take our oreo pops and transform them into anything you can think of..such as bugs of all sorts,pirates,bride and grooms,food items,animals of any kind,babys,boys,girls,sign language,nationality letters and numbers,flags,anything to go with holidays,birthdays,a special occasion. If you have an idea we can do it! Give us an idea and you will be surprised!

We make them in any quantity's..small.large.custom.A lot of people use them for favors or treats for baby showers,schools,holidays,parties,weddings,birthdays of all ages,and more!
Order some today for your next occasion and be surprised with the smiles you will receive!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Checking Out Your Local Library ..

Next time you have free time,check your hometown library you will be surprised what you will find there. It is like a whole new world in there! When you are younger you are forced to go to library for school and projects but now that we are all older ,we can appreciate the quality and effectiveness the library brings. Every couple of weeks to month ,My other mother and I visit the library for new ideas,inspirations and creativeness for our new items we create. Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes nobody has all the answers,and thats what the library brings us.

You will find something for everyone in the thousands of books they supply.They have old classic books to new books that are so expensive you do not want to spend all that money on something you will only look at a few times.The library is a great place for you to find new and exciting books you can look at for a couple of weeks to a month and you do not have to pay anything or pay very little.

My section of chose is the baking section,because that is my passion.I love reading the old 1950s cook books when desserts were simple chocolate cakes to todays books from Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker that make cupcakes,cakes,and candies into anything your imagination can come up with.My yummy creationss are created from inspiration from all these decades combined.

My latest visit was yesterday,were I took out 4 new books especially one great one called " Confetti Cakes for Kids" by New York Citys Famed Bakery Elis Strauss.This book blew me away by the way she creates a regular cupcake into burger and fries to a sock money on top of sewing material cake.And she teaches you step by step on how to make it and how to use different baking materials.The best thing about this book is I DIDNT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING TO LEARN ALL OF THIS!

So take a trip to the library with friends,family,your kids or even by yourself and take out a new book and enjoy the endless possibilities :D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oscar Award Cookies

Oscar award season is coming up and everyone is getting excited for the fashion,awards,and the partys! Jazz up your oscar party with our oscar award cookies.They are sugar cookies that are painted with yellow and gold glitterWe are only making them for a short period of time and for a few get your orders in today! Contact us at or at for prices,quantity and more for more information :D

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Line of Cupcake in a Jar from Us!

We love our cupcakes that we make,but its hard to ship these with all our frosting,toppings and flavors so we decided to introduce our cupcake in a jar line. You get more in one jar than you would in 2-3 cupcakes. A typical jar is: cake..frosting/chocolate...toppings,candies,nuts,etc,..and then repeated till its full.

We have come up with many flavors for our new line that will not disappoint.Here are some of our flavors,and what they consist of:
The Frenchtoast- a cinnamon,nutmeg vanilla cake,with maple frosting & cinnamon sugar candies & cookies

The Fluffer Nutter- a vanilla/sponge cake with marshmallow/peanut butter frosting & peanut butter candies & nuts

The Peanut Butter Cup- a chocolate chocolate cake with chocolate & chocolate frosting with peanut butter ,peanut butter cups & candies

The Elvis Surprise-
a banana cake with peanut butter frosting & other surprises

you can find a full list of our flavors at our site FriendlyCreationss you can order them by the single-$7.00
or as many as you want