Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get An Outfit for $50.00 at Your Favorite Stores

I adore fashion but sometimes my wallet does not, so I decided to give myself a test and find a great outfit for day and night and can only spend 50.00 for each outfit and only shop at one store-FOREVER 21 of course! You can click on the prices to get the actual item ;)

Day Look-
This outfit is very Paris Chic ,take this Paris inspired tank and tuck it in your flapper style skirt ,throw on these great Oxford shoes and sunglasses and add a splash of color with this cute pink flower ring to finish it off.

Night Look-
Rib Textured Dress-$27.80
Dali Bow Heels-$20.80

When I dress up for a night out,I like to keep my outfits simple.During the day I wear a bunch of accessories,but I like to look classy at night.If I do add an accessory ,it would be a big chunky sparkly necklace.

I was surprised that it was very hard for the night time look to stay under 50.00.I would of thought it would be hard for me for day time since I like to layer and have fun with my outfits for daytime, but I guess it was opposite.You can find a lot of day time pieces that can easily be worn into night time. NEXT POST:TRANSFORM YOUR DAY LOOK INTO NIGHT!


  1. wow! love both pair of shoes!!!
    thank you for your sweet comment. hope you will come back soon - remember that you can also follow me on bloglovin'
    xoxo from rome

  2. Just found your adorable lil' blog!! Love it!

    Come enter my bow headband giveaway!

    xo Lynzy

  3. awwww thanks guys :) i will definitely be checking out both your blogs all the time,come by mine often as well!