Thursday, July 22, 2010

Get Crazy Get Wild Jersey Shore Style....

Jersey Shore season 2 is starting up soon so I figured it would only be right to talk a little about it and how I am going to spread the Jersey Shore Luv!

First off I was one of them people like "why you watching that show & I would never watch it" but then one day I got hooked and I never looked back since.I am a Jersey Shore Junkie!

My Top Ten Reasons I am watching Jersey Shore Season 2!
1. I have to 100% rep because Pauly D. is from Rhode Island where I am from and he lives like 5 minutes away from me & everyone in my town like knows him. For instance he actually used to go shopping at the same shops where my sister does & used to chat & one night he was djing at a club she was bar-tending at & he asked for her number but she turned him down because he was not a good dj lmao
2.Snooki is the funniest person on television right now,and she doesn't care what people think of, she will act like a nut and have a blast.She would be a great person to party with!
4.Angela returns to this season,which is weird bc shes a B****. lol
5.I wanna see if Ronnie & Sammy get back together and stay again for once.
6.Vinny totally reminds me of my boyfriend!
7.The whole cast reminds me of the city I was raised and live in.
8.There is going to be so much more hookups,fights and funny moments! Sammy & J-wow get in a fight.The SITUATION will probably be an idiot like always and fight with everyone again!
9.Everyone in my state is having a Jersey Shore premiere night and dress up Jersey Shore style! haha
10.They dont have the DUCK PHONE ANYMORE! so how they will know if any gorillas or crazy stalker girls be calling them.
To celebrate Jersey Shore Phenomenon for Halloween I am going to be SNOOKI, I am going to have the poof(even though she retired it),be orange ,wear crazy club clothes and heels and my boyfriend is going to be THE SITUATION OR PAULY D & I am going to paint crazy abs on him and Gotti his hair up and we will FIST PUMP ALL NIGHT!


  1. What a cool idea for Halloween, Have a sweet day!

  2. i hate jersey shore because i'm from italy and i think that italian girls and boys are not like that!!

  3. Snooki's hair is the thang!!! can't wait to see you as Snooki, I'm sure you will look fabulous!!! happy weekend sweetie, XOXO

  4. haha thanks guys! I cant wait for Halloween now :) i hope you all have a great weekend as well

    and christine i can understand what you mean about Italian boys and girls thats not how all Italian people act just ones from the east coast lol

  5. Haha! I enjoyed this post! Love the list. And Halloween sounds exciting!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  6. hahah i love the jersey shore!!! i was totally the same way where i said i would never watch, but Snickers and her pickles stole my heart! I have been to a Jersey Shore themed party before and it was SO crazy fun. Good idea on your costume-- you better use that white clip!

  7. thank u Zanrinah for enjoying my jersey shore post! It was a blast to make.:)

    hahaha Kristi ,oh Snooki i think she stole everyone heart with her pickle obsession.One day I will meet her and give her a pickle. and i will def be using my white clip for my outfit for sure.