Tuesday, October 12, 2010


There is something about fall that just makes me so happy..maybe its the cool air,fun fashion or yummy treats!
Fall fashion is all about thinking outside the box but in a cute casual way.Here are my top fall trends for 2010!

1.BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS! Boots are super hot right now,everyone needs at least one pair of boots for this fall.But if you are like me you will own boots in ankles,calfs,knee length and in all colors.I cannot get enough of boots.You can wear them with any type of outfit,skirts,dresses,shorts w/leggings,skinnys,pants.

2. Do not be afraid to mix patterns! Mixing patterns is very big right now,think of Blair Waldorf style.She will take 2 crazy prints and put them together and it looks Manhattan chic.The tip for wearing this trend is to not over accessorize,you are already going crazy on the outfit,there is no need to wear big blingy necklaces,bracelets or floor length earrings.Go with a simple pearl necklace or diamond earrings.If you are afraid to mix prints because u think you will look crazy looking,try something a little subtle.For example try a black and white polka dot top with a colored striped skirt.Trust me ,itll look fashionable.If you are feeling a little adventurous ,here are some outfits to give you some inspiration. BTW! HOW GOOD IS GOSSIP GIRL THIS YEAR!

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3. you cannot go through Fall without some new hits to jam out to at your next party..these will definitely get you dancing.These are some of the biggest club/techno songs out in the club right now straight from the biggest djs in new england.I have big connections to djs here so get recognized to these jams.

4.Try out a new hairstyle! Now that fall is arriving..its time to jazz up your hair.You cannot wake up in the morning through a little gel in it and give it the summer beach hair ,it will not work anymore.Fall hair to me is a little sophisticated to me.I would say go for a solid color,no highlights/or lowlights. Chestnut browns,Auburns,Muted Blondes,think about the color that the leaves are turning into,those are shades to go with. My top fall haircut is definitely a dramatic bang! I am dreaming of the day that my hair grows back to being long so I can get it, I prefer this style on long hair than short hair.The dramatic bang is so fierce,tyra banks will be loving your hair.It makes me think very high fashion without even trying! If you just want to try out a new simple updo go with the messy teased bun!!! Here is a pic of the dramatic bang & messy bun on my favorite actress Lea Michele.
5. This is my top trend for every single day of your life..Have CONFIDENCE in yourself. I see so many young girls and even older ladies with no confidence in themselves.Everyone is beautiful, and if someone makes you think other wise they are jealous of you or have low self esteem themselves.There is so much bullying in high school right now ,it just sickenings me! The suicide rate has increased so much because of bullying and it needs to stop. I dont care if your white,black,spanish,asian,overweight,skinny,gay,lesbian,poor,rich,virgin,non-virgin,short,tall, ,You are beautiful dont let others make you think otherwise!

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