Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oreo Pops

Here are our most popular and creative item that we sell! OREO POPS! They may sound simple to you .."like wow an Oreo on a stick. Well think again people..our Oreo pops are the new and improved version of a sugar cookie pop or regular cookie.Our Oreo pops can be dipped and decorated into anything your imagination will like.

There are 3 different type of Oreo pops we make:
1.-regular pops dipped in chocolate,white chocolate,dark chocolate,vegan chocolate,butterscotch and decorated with any types of candies..toppings and goodies

2.-we take our oreo pops and decorate them in any type of color/s and add striples,zig zags,polka dots,sprinkles,edible art candies,or we can write initials,ages,etc thats a simpler version of our favorite ones to make.

3.-we take our oreo pops and transform them into anything you can think of..such as bugs of all sorts,pirates,bride and grooms,food items,animals of any kind,babys,boys,girls,sign language,nationality letters and numbers,flags,anything to go with holidays,birthdays,a special occasion. If you have an idea we can do it! Give us an idea and you will be surprised!

We make them in any quantity's..small.large.custom.A lot of people use them for favors or treats for baby showers,schools,holidays,parties,weddings,birthdays of all ages,and more!
Order some today for your next occasion and be surprised with the smiles you will receive!

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