Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Busy Busy Busy Bees We Are...

Dozen Fall Spice Cupcakes
Hi everyone :) ,sorry I have not blogged in a while.We have been extremely busy here, working on orders,weddings,baby showers,parties, talking with new brides for yummy treats,coming up with new ideas and spreading our yummy creations around the world.
30 Octopus Oreo Lollipops By FriendlyCreationss on Etsy
This summer has been amazing so far, we have met and worked with so many awesome customers that challenge us with new ideas to come up with and we are always up for a challenge! :D We are so excited for what the fall and winter will come in store for us..there are so many yummy creationss for fall, Halloween,thanksgiving and Christmas that we can not wait to show you guys. We hope you will be so happy with what we are about to bring you soon!
Half a Dozen Pieces of Sushi Candy by FriendlyCreationss on Etsy
We are here to make your next occasion,party,holiday,gifts or a treat for yourself a fun and yummy one and would be honored with working with you! And we will work with any ideas you have,we do not give up unless we and you are satisfied!


  1. Yummy. All these goodies look super yummy! Too bad Im on a diet now. I weighed myself yesterday and I have gained 5lbs.. I cant afford that because once I start going, I start doing.. lol

    However once I go down Im soo buying some goodies.
    QUESTION: How is it that they stay fresh when you deliver?

  2. hahah thank you so much :) i totally understand . sometimes its hard for me not to eat our goodies,but luckily im a vegetarian so I cant eat half the items we make.lol We ship all of our items priority shipping which is 2 days.So they will arrive nice and fresh for you.

  3. yuuum, fun cakes!!

    Great blog! we'll definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy. xx

  4. OMG, I shouldn't watch these kind of pics when I'm starving :/
    Nice blog, I like your double-life :-P