Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting Closer to Halloween

Hello everyone,I am back again with another one of my lovely posts.I havn't had in a while ,so I thought I catch you guys up.I have been extremely busy this week with Halloween orders,I finally completed about 50 monster rice krispie treats,7 candy corn rice krispies,18 peanut butter balls,and halloween oreos.It was alot of stuff to make!so glad it is over with lol.I completed 2 family videos finally ,one for my sisters birthday on Thursday and one for my brother for Christmas.They came out really cute! :D The past few days have been frustrating a bit with some of my customers..one of my orders I made was packaged,and wrapped up completely perfect.But of course the post office loves to throw boxes around like they are playing catch,and they ruined my package that was shipped to Hawaii and now I have poor feedback! arghhh lol.I need to superly wrap them next time! and another one was not satified with what she had and wanted more decorations on it.Customers need to tell the buyers what they really want,details and details before they make it and ship it! If you are a seller you know what I am talking about lol. But besides all that Halloween is approaching us quickly and I am very excited.I have figured out what I am going to be! My boyfriend and I decided to dress and paint ourselves as aliens.But of course we are FRIENDLY aliens.I have started making my outfit green tonight and now my hands are stained green hahah! :D and lastly I am working on new and yummy treats for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
I would love to hear what you are going to be for Halloween..or even pictures.I want to show my favorite costumes this year :D SUBMIT THEM !! good day or night

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